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Innomalt is a Sherbrooke malting company whose mission is to offer you exceptional quality malts, made in ideal conditions from carefully selected Quebec malting barley.

Why choose Innomalt?

Our custom-made malting equipment allows us to malt any grain with respect and precision. We put innovation at the heart of our development by valuing the two cumulative decades of university research of our two co-founders, Raphaël Sansregret and Pascal Viens.


Thus, our expertise allows us to be the only 100% Quebec malting company to carry out complete and continuous analyzes on each malted batch in order to produce a constant and irreproachable quality.




What sets us apart


Our malting process was divided into five steps to better control the different biological variables of the grain. The innovations introduced in each of these stages allow us to obtain a great versatility of malting, uniform batches, precision and malts of exceptional quality.


Our strength: Product stability


Combined with our advanced process monitoring system, this allows us to malt an impressive range of barley and other grains and target results across a wide range of technical parameters. To do this, we use analyzes of

  • grain (selection of size and moisture)

  • must (color, extract, turbidity, β-glucan, FAN, pH and F / C difference)

  • biochemical (diastase power and α-amylases). 

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